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We love food. Despite having different cultural backgrounds and culinary experiences we are united by a true appreciation of effort that goes into every aspect of making food truly great - from sourcing the right ingredients to the way it is presented and served. 
As a team, we do not focus on celebrating our place in the food culture but instead cherish the food culture within us. We honour culinary traditions but reflect them through the prism of our gastronomical experiences and create concepts that are unlike anything present on the market. We know what good food is and would like to share our passion, experience and expertise with others.


Misha Zelman

Mikhail is one of the most successful restaurateurs in London who has established international chain Burger & Lobster as well as Goodman Steakhouses, Zelman Meats and the award-winning Beast.



Roman Zelman

Roman is a cofounder of Goodman and Burger & Lobster groups of companies and over the years has helped to develop and establish concepts that have  achieved great success in the restaurant scene.

Yaroslav Kryukin Afxentiou

The youngest member of our team providing a fresh outlook on our project and using his professional background and education to help our concept tell a story.


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